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I never post.

I wanted to say however that my decision to go to culinary arts school has been the best choice I have ever made directionally, ever. Tonight I experienced a lot of what Winnipeg has to offer in the way of elegant and fine dining. It was fantastic. Intermingling with the gastronomically elite of my home town, tasting the food from places that I had never been able to afford, serving food that I was extremely proud of, drinking and being merry with good people of like minds who were teachers and colleagues. I ate sushi to the point of being ill without once having to open my wallet today. And I learned so much!



School starts in 2 weeks. I didnt really think I would get into the January term, but its happening now. Kick fucking ass. Now I can finally get my shit together and in exactly 2 years I will be a trained and hopefully skilled chef. With a world of culinary opportunities. Im very pumped.


"Who's this guy steve? Are you really pregnant? Was your husband really eatin by a bear? If you could answer even some of these questions properly I think we could have a pretty fantastic relationship"

Its that time of year again Friends

venus.calm Presents

Featuring Loretta

by George F. Walker

Venue 1 MTC Backstage at the Mainstage On Market.

Thu July 19 3.15pm
Fri July 20 9.45pm
Mon July 23 12.00noon
Tue July 24 9.15pm
Thu July 26 2.00pm
Fri July 27 11.30pm

This is our 5th George Walker show in the Suburban Motel Series, one of the most highly regarded modern Canadian Theater Series. Each year we have achieved 4 stars for our performances, out of a possible 5, this year we're hoping to make it to 5 so please come be a part of the experience.

Please cross post this to everyone and come out and have a great night of theatre. The Fringe festival is One of Canadas Largest theatre festivals and should be experienced by everyone, with hundreds of shows to see there is something for everyone and no real excuse for missing out. Come out and support local theatre and maybe catch a bit of the magic that brings thousands back each year.

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We are having a mikes birthday *slash* Happy 420 *slash* View our new 37" God drinking and smoke till you drop festival at our apartment this evening. So come one and come all for the BIGGEST EVENT OF THE EVENING! I cant promise food but you know us, I cant promise good times but Im sure there will be and I cant promise full on sensory experience but I know that derek has a bag of fun thats been burning a hole in his room for months. SO COME ON DOWN TO DEREK AND RYANS ... where fun starts with tops!